18 May 2017

DIY lipstick holder (addition)

When I first started buying lipsticks, I never knew I would have this many of them. I first held them in my drawer, then I purchased this acrylic holder and then my friends gave me a smaller lipstick holder for 9 lipsticks. This would be enough if I didn't have lipglosses and some other lip make-up that doesn't fit the 'lipstick' category.
I don't have so much room to buy some more stands, so I decided to upgrade this one. I actually never knew what to put in this left part, so here we are now...
You'll need:
  • cardboard of any kind (I used some thin one and I believe this was once a chocolate box)
  • glue (I used my all time favorite nail glue by Essence featured in every manicure post)
  • a ruler
  • a pen
  • paint of any kind (I used universal spray paint)
  • scissors
  • first measure how big you want your sides to be
  • cut all the pieces
  • glue them together being separated by 2 cm (I did rows and not 'boxes' because this way I can store more products in a row)
  • paint your cardboard
  • if you don't have a stand already, just add bottom piece to make it a separate lipstick holder
Note: I had to cut my rows because they were too long (cause I didn't count that the sides were also about a millimeter wide). So you can see the tape because my fingers were all glued together and I just used tape and it was much faster and easier.
You see that I fit 6 lipglosses in one row and if I did compartments, I would only fit 4 in a row like that's the case with lipsticks on the right.

Do you like my little project? I'm absolutely loving this and I'm so glad I did it!
Also, lipstick collection post is coming soon! ♥


  1. I like this idea a lot! I use lipstick holders but I have another holder that I never use and would like to upgrade it :)

    Beauty From Katie

    1. Well, here's an idea :)
      glad you like it

      thank you for coming :*

  2. This is such a clever idea, well done you!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
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