26 February 2014

Brown for rainy days

I've taught you how to do your French manicure, right? I hope I did. Well, I've also told you that this manicure comes in various designs and colors. This is one of the choices.

Brown is modern these days because you can combine it with almost anything (even with black if you're a bit more daring). I've chosen brown for my main color and I've added some accent with some other colors that went great with my wardrobe then.

  • First do a French manicure. Paint your nail tips with light (or darker) brown color.
  • Take your dotting kit (or toothpick, pen...) and do three dots perpendicular to other three dots. (I apologize for weird dots on my nails, this was from my early years of nail painting.)
  • Take some nail ornament (I've chosen purple heart because it goes well with pink.). Place it at the crossing of two dotted lines.
This is pretty much it. It simple and yet, very effective.

Enjoy being brown. ;)

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