05 February 2014

Stop biting your nails!

I can now honestly say that I've been biting my nails since I was a kid and it all ended in 6th grade of my elementary school.

Almost every person has, at least once, been in a situation when they were so close to biting nails. Some are stronger and can resist, some are not. I wasn't. I bit them when I was nervous, mostly before big exam in school. This was my weakness, my kryptonite.

I tried all tricks I knew to stop, but I couldn't. One simple step helped me to have the nails I'm now proud of. I made artificial nails. Underneath all that gel, there were my nails trying to grow. And they did. (You can see them in pictures in older posts.) Once I saw my nails I was amazed and terrified. They were thin as a leaf. Gel really destroys your nails, so try not to use it so often. After lots of nail polishes for strengthening my nails (I used mostly Essence's), I have nails hard as a rock (and I'm not exaggerating).

Once they were all firm, thick and beautifully long, I didn't have the courage to ruin them. I would be too sad to do that now, after all these years. I know some people that actually ate the gel how bad addicts they are, but they are minority, I hope.

For all this good manicures, you need quality nails too. There's more to nails than just being pretty...

So you can go from this...

To this...

Enjoy real food, not nails! ;)


  1. I have been biting my nails my whole life and they never looked like this :P

  2. Like what? First photo? Well, than great, but you're not doing it right hahah
    I can say mine were really close to looking like that :/