19 January 2014

Simple white manicure

Everybody likes a good manicure, especially if it looks like it's made in a nail salon by a pro. Unfortunately, not everybody has that much money to go to the professional every week to do their nails. So, I'll teach you how to do all time favorite white manicure on your nails.

I have, most of the times, long square shaped nails because they're the easiest to design. If you look at it, almost every good nail design (with gel) is on square shaped nail. (Nowadays are modern those pointy nails but I personally hate that shape.)

This is probably the easiest and the shortest tutorial there is on nails. There are only four simple steps.
  • Apply some base coat. I used transparent nail polish.
  • Pick a white (or any color) nail polish. I used Manhattan's 11A Quick dry. It is the best for these kind of manicures. Paint it only on the white parts of your nail (those which are not directly attached to your finger). You don't need to be extra careful to make a straight line on the ending of a white part.
  • Use silver (or any other) nail polish with thin brush to make a straight line. This is great for covering your non-smooth edges.I used Essence's 03 silver surfer.
  • With some sparkly nail polish go over everything. This is a great protection, your manicure will last longer, and you'll have pretty, sparkly look. 
Used for this manicure:

Enjoy your new manicure.

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