21 January 2014

Black and pink for a rebellious lady

Black is a color of modern young women who are not afraid to show their statement. Black color on nails represents strong, determined woman. If you paint your nails black, you will not go unnoticed.

Pink, on the other hand is really gentle, lady-like color that shows your sensitive side. It shows that you are romantic and very emotional person.

When you combine those two colors, you get a perfect combination. This mostly represents two sides of the same person. And every person has, at least, two sides. So, you can't go wrong with mixing black with any color, but pink is the perfect opposite to it.

Here's my example and below you can find all the steps to it.

  • Make sure you have something to cover your nails with before putting any nail polish in color. I used transparent base nail polish.
  • Paint your nails black.
  • Choose where you want your pink design to be and what shape. I used the middle as a starting point and decided to do crooked triangles, something like a circus hat.
  • Make two lines from the middle towards the end of a nail, where ever you want.
  • Paint in between the lines with that pink you just used. Pink is brighter color, so, you'll probably have to go over it more than one time.
  • Put some kind of zircon to camouflage the awkward beginning.
By the time, my manicures will get more complicated, don't worry. I'm using my old designs because I don't have the time to do anything new these days.

Enjoy your new "edgy" style.

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