27 January 2014

Stand out with blue

I've told you that good old white French manicure will never die. It is also the most popular nail design. It looks great in every occasion and with pretty much every outfit. Here, we're taking a step further with that manicure and we're making it more personal and unique. 

I, personally, really like blue nail polish, so I did this with that color. You can, of course, use any color you want. Make sure that the colors you match go great with one another and with your personality, cause that's most important.
  • Make the usual French (white) manicure, like I taught you in previous posts. This time be more careful to make really good edge cause here there's no line to cover for any mistakes. If you want to, you can put the line too, but I don't guarantee that it will look good.
  • Use blue nail polish with thin brush. You can use toothpick as well, but it's so much harder to work with it.
  • Start the first line in the bottom right corner of your nail and pull it diagonally to the left upper corner. Don't leave to much nail polish on the brush. Just a small amount of color will be enough.
  • Make the second line close to the first one. Be careful that you don't go too close to the first one, or they will merge. Then, you'll have just one thick and not so smooth line.
  • Finish off by applying one blue dot in the right upper corner of your nail. I also did it with this same blue nail polish and its brush.
Enjoy the blue!

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