19 January 2014


Hi you all.

I'm Honey and this blog will be about my passion for nails. I'm an amateur and I've never taken classes for designing nails. So, everything you'll see here is just my imagination, free time and patience. I really hope you'll like it cause I know there are lots of blogs and sites for designing nails but you need to have experience and a lot of money for those ones. I use probably the cheapest nail polishes and designs are great. At least, to me. I also don't use gel because I need some kind of education for that and I don't have money, nor time, for it. I'll try to explain everything the best I can so you could do all of that yourself.

Also, look to the right and you'll find some interesting things. There's also a blog written by my friend Anchy, so check it out. Below all of this you have an aquarium and you can actually feed the fishes by clicking the left button on your mouse in the aquarium. It's just for fun, they won't die, I think. And tell me what you think about my design, I tried to make it more fun, colorful...

I hope you'll be active and send me some new designs you want me to do for you. Also, comment everything you want, tell me what you think. There's also a "poll" (reactions) below every post so you can rate it.

For some nail designs I'll post a video with a short description and for some there will only be a picture with written description. I really hope you'll get it. If not, again, comment.

If you visit my Blogolovin profile (link on the right), you'll find me and my blogs so feel free to follow me.

What else to say? Welcome and enjoy.

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