14 January 2019

Brown-rose gold manicure

** On a personal note this week: 20 plans and wishes for 2019

If we don't count Blogmas, it's been more than half of year since I posted a proper manicure post. To be honest, I don't know why I haven't focused on nails more lately... I've been doing manicures regularly every week, but I guess it's the most boring post to actually write...

This one, however, is a bit different. Not in terms of actual manicure, but the story with it. If you read my post about Barry M nail polish Barry M peel-off nail polish base, you probably recognize this manicure... You also know how damaged my nails were after using it (there's a video to prove it). However, I'm posting it again because I was in love with it!

You can also see the shades in that post and what I did to achieve this shape and condition in the previously mentioned post, but I'll just write a quick reminder. I used the shades #108 call me kylie and #86 my sparking darling, both by Essence. I recently just got 2 more bottles of this glitter top coat because it's the best topper ever! I love how it looks on so many different shades and it has a perfect balance between being pink and nude and rose gold.
Since I thought this manicure was easy to take off, I went all out and added rhinestones (from eBay) and extra glitter flakes on thumbs which I placed each separately and it took me quite a long time (but not as long as it did for this red manicure, this was hell). I also added a top coat and it was done. Unfortunately, photos don't do it's justice, but you can see a short video in the Barry M post.
This one is blurry on purpose because it was the best way to show you how sparkly it really is.

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What is on your nails right now?


  1. I don't do my nails often because I'm not good with the upkeep, but it looks amazing! Love the colour.

    Corinne x

    1. I get it, it's a hassle. I honestly hate taking off the polish and shaping my nails, but painting is my biggest love so I have to do it haha
      thanks for coming :)