03 March 2014

Black, silver, filled with pink

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I've already had one nail design for rebellious lady, but I absolutely love to mix colors and shapes. This time, I've used, what used to be very popular, design. It's sort of a flower, but you can use this model and make your own shape.

Pink (or any bright color) reminds you of spring, summer and positive thoughts. And black is there to calm everything down. To keep you on Earth. There's also a bit of silver to make things more interesting and elegant.

This manicure can be seen as very playful and casual, but can also be seen as imaginative and sophisticated. It's all about the colors you choose.

You'll need:
  • bright base coat
  • pink, black and silver nail polish, all with thin brushes

  • First apply base coat. I used very bright white one with a bit of sparkles. (I'm almost sure it's Essence's.)
  • Then take the pink one and do your shapes (petals, leaves, triangles... whatever). Once you've made your outline, fill it in with the same pink nail polish.
  • Once the pink is dried, take black and silver nail polish and make outlines of your shape. It's easy if you made petals cause then every other line is in different color. Just make it so the colors are in balance.
And, viola!

Enjoy your pinky imagination. :)

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