30 March 2014

Perfectly white

We have already seen that you literally can't go wrong with white manicure. That's why today's two manicures are based on a simple French manicure.

You'll need:
  • white nail polish with a regular brush
  • gold nail polish with thin brush
  • blue nail polish with thin brush or blue ornament lines
  • blue zircons
I'll start with a wedding manicure, actually. Weddings are supposed to be graceful, simple, elegant... This manicure represents it.

  • Make a simple diagonal white manicure like I showed you in previous posts.
  • Make a straight gold line on end of the white manicure.
  • Make a French white manicure.
  • Place a blue zircon somewhere between the white and plain part of your nail.
  • Use the zircon as a center point to make the lines with a blue nail polish or lines. I suggest you use the nail polish cause it's easier to make a line with it than it is to glue one on your nail.
And that's it.

Enjoy it!

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