10 April 2014

All new

I've thinking a lot about this blog and since I don't have time to post very often about nails (cause I actually have to do everything I post), I've decided to expand my topics a bit. This blog will still keep posts about nails and I hope I won't disappoint you with it. But I've decided to put some fashion in it.
Again, everything you'll see here is just my opinion and something I like. I won't try to convince anybody into anything they don't want or like.
If you have any suggestions on fashion or nails, feel free to comment and share your thoughts. Also, I have to warn you that I'll probably change the appearance few more times because I'm looking for the perfect one. If you have any thoughts on that too, say it. I will appreciate a good advice.
I'll try to post many photos, because fashion and nails are based on looking at stuff. You'll also see a lot of me here. You've been introduced to my nails, now, I'll give you a tour through my closet. Once again, I do not own a clothing store and I'm not a professional, so what you'll see here is perfect for normal girls living their ordinary lives. ;)
Hopefully, you'll have fun here and you'll pick up some useful advice. :))
Here we go!!!
Diamonds are girl's best friends after all :)

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