21 April 2014

Yellow dresses

Summer is coming, slowly, but it is. And bright colors are perfect to lift moods up and to announce warmer days. Since we don't have summer yet, we can pretend we're on a beach in these pretty yellow designs.
We are going to start with the most elegant one. 
Here we have a pretty simple yellow dress with only one highlight on the waist. I used this one because I saw it in Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf wore it really well. I liked it. It's casual and elegant at the same time. Great for the young ones and for older ladies. Conservative and very playful. Perfect choice for everyone. 
Be careful if you don't have the "perfect" waist because this sewed belt will draw attention to it. 
I've added perfectly yellow heels for the perfect catwalk.
Every girl needs a clutch. Little bag that can store almost everything in it. I went with this black one with a hole so you can hold it in more than one way. And this handle also makes it easier to hold it if you have hands full with champagne glasses.
Since I love chokers, I've put a black one here. Of course, this will look great with any black necklace.
Care to join me for a walk through the park? Design perfect for spring strolls. Comfortable and noticeable.
Simple yellow dress with a bit of unusual shoulder straps and everything seems perfect. The length is also adjusted for a casual dress-up.
Flat beige shoes are girl's favorite item in the summer so I couldn't do an outfit without them. These have straps so they wouldn't fall off if you need to run for the bus.
Big beige bag for all the things you think you need. From mobile phone which you can't imagine your life without, to that little notebook you keep carrying around in case you'll need to write something down but you never do. But, you have to admit it, it looks great with these items.
Earrings are also beige and have a feather motive which is very popular these days. (If you wear earrings, it's better not to wear a necklace.)
And again a motive from Blair Waldorf, a hairband. Yellow, to match the outfit, will look great if you have darker hair but that doesn't mean blonds can have it too. 
I have to prepare you for the drops of water from the sky. Yes, I'm talking about this rain that keeps falling. Since it'swarm outside, you can still wear a dress, but you better take a coat too. Just in case it gets colder in the evening.
Yellow strapless dress. About a knee-length.
Beige sandals or beige boots. It's your choice. I haven't put boots here because I really can't see them with this dress but if you have some other style, be my guest.
Cause it's a casual styling, I've chosen only small beige stud earrings.
Little black clutch in the bow shape is also very modern these days and very practical, if I may add. It's usually bigger than the rest of the clutches but still small enough so your arms won't fall off.
And, another Blair Waldorf's fashion item, a green coat. I can't tell you how much I love the finishing touch it gives to the outfit.

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