26 April 2014

Denim jacket

As we all know, denim jacket was once very popular. Then it faded away and now it's back big style. There are so many designs and, as for every clothing item, each represent something: certain character or occasion.
We'll start with the most romantic outfit today.
Here I've put together beautiful white lace sleeveless dress with the short sleeves jacket. Jacket is very modest and simple and that suits this dress. I've chosen the jacket with short sleeves just because this dress doesn't have sleeves. This way, you can actually show what season are you in. Also, notice that the jacket is short. Also very popular today but it also contributes to the whole gentle and romantic side of this outfit. Great for the spring time.
Flat shoes in this light, beige color only add softness and romance into this outfit. The bow on them is also a nice detail. Not too much cause it's pretty small, but it will be a nice finishing touch.
In this style, I found this beautiful beige clutch, also with a bow motive. I've heard bows and butterflies are a huge hit these days.
Accessories are very simple. Golden necklace and golden hoops earrings. Why golden? Because I think gold more romantic than the silver. 
And I have to have one rock version too. (I'm not into rock so I have no idea about their style, so I apologize if this isn't a definition of it. When I say rock, I mean more daring.)
There's a denim jacket to start with, of course. A bit darker, longer, with long sleeves.
Next, we have simple black pants. They go with, basically, everything. Safe call would be to choose denim, as I did.
There is white/gray/black lion sleeveless T-shirt that is perfect for this outfit because it shows personality for you and it looks really cool, you have to admit it. As an alternative shirt, I've chosen this cropped Batman shirt. Since I love Batman, I had to put him somewhere.
There are also black earrings that will be a perfect addition to the dark outfit, but will also show that you care for accessories and style.
In the end, there are black studded boots. Enough said. 

Here are two more outfits of the same style. The left one is fearless and the right one is simple girly one.
Studded bra, cropped T-shirt, studded high-heel boots and black hoop earrings are a great combination. Because I'm not a big fan of walking around naked (just with a bra and jacket) I had to bring some shirt in this.
Denim flat shoes go great with denim jacket. There's a sleeveless lace dress with a brown belt. Everything goes great together and to spice things up, I've added a very modern gold chain necklace.

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