11 April 2014

Little black dress found colors

Since I wrote a bit about little black dress that every woman should have, today I would like to present the fun side to black dresses. If you add just a bit of colors, black dress could be the only thing you need for a perfect look.
I've put together two, mostly the same, outfits. The only difference are the colors combined with the black dress.
Pink styling shows more girly and party side. This is actually a great look for a Saturday night out.
Red one is more sophisticated and a bit more elegant. This could be worn at some cocktail party.
The point of this is to show you how colors have a great impact on how people see you and every color has its time to shine. You can't wear anything anywhere.
I'm personally more for the red one.
And one more for the end. This is not a dress like those were before. This one is more casual and has this white stripe that breaks the monotony. This is actually a perfect dress for every day. It's casual, has shoulder straps which will enable you to move freely. It's also fluttery and will not make you fall down because you couldn't move your legs. Nothing says casual like yellow, so I decided to choose this color for accessories. Yellow also bring out the good mood. Left shoes are really for everyday walks in the city. They have thick heel which makes walking more comfortable. It is also important that the heel isn't too high. For more daring women out there, here are yellow boots in the right corner. This can also look great, but you have to have a proper attitude to go with it.

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