14 April 2014

Sparkles with black

Every girl needs a bit of sparkles in her life. Some have money and just go and buy real diamond and that's pretty much all they need. Others buy sparkly clothes and accessory. It's a problem when people don't know when is enough.
So, I saw a woman today walking outside wearing something like this. Now, I know it's wrong to judge people by their looks, but if I want to keep this close to a fashion blog I need to say that this is a total no (!!) when it comes to a good fashion sense. Everything's sparkly and, to add some more bad taste, in different colors. That's not the way to use sparkles. You'll just look like a bad disco ball.
Now, I've put this together. This is a proper way of using a shiny or sparkly fashion, clothing item.
We have a pretty, simple silver dress. To keep the highlight on it, everything else is black. I'm not saying everything necessarily needs to be black but some dark colors will fit right in. Be careful that the color you choose matches the color of the sparkly item and that you only use one color. You don't want to look like a Christmas tree.
I've used simple black pantyhose, black shiny heels and a simple black blazer. This blazer will reduce the sparkles and everything will seem more sophisticated. Also, you can wear shiny shoes because their color is neutral and shine will be a nice addition to sparkles since you don't have anything else that will shine. And they add a bit of elegance.
Also, when using sparkly clothes, don't put on much jewelry. I've only put here one simple silver bracelet.

This is more party version of the previous look. Again, I'm keeping it simple. Sparkly golden dress is enough by itself. Simple black pantyhose and black heels and you're good to go. 
You don't need any jewelry for two reasons. Like before, adding jewelry to a dress like this is wrong from a fashion point of view. And, if you're going out, jewelry will just be in your way. Your earrings will be all over the place if they're dangle (and not studs). The same will happen with your necklace, especially if it's long. Don't bother yourself with those. (You can wear some simple bracelet. Or some really small stud earrings.)

For the end, combination of sparkles with something simple and regular.
Here we have a basic black T-shirt and a sparkly skirt on the left and the opposite on the right.
Both combinations could work because you're keeping the sparkles under control.
In the left situation, you can put sparkly shoes too, but I suggest that you think about it before you actually wear it. You need a personality to wear sparkles.
And, because I love these boots, I had to put them in one combination, so you can also wear black boots with a playful skirt on the right.

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