10 April 2014

Little black dress

We'll start with some basic items.
Every woman should have at least one black dress in her closet that she could be able to wear in any occasion. That's why this dress should be as simple as it gets. The way you combine it with some other fashion items or accessories defines the occasion.
So, you have to have black dress and black heels to go with it.
My personal favorite is the middle one, but if I have to pick the most neutral one, it would be the first one. You can't go wrong with the last one either because it is great for colder days.
This dress should support everything, from funerals to weddings. Also, I think little black dress should be about knee-high and with some kind of straps. That way, you'll feel safe that nothing will fall or get too much up, unexpectedly. And, of course, that description fits in in every surrounding.
It should also be a bit away from your body so you could move freely (first one - yes, last one - no).
If you want, you can put a brooch somewhere to light things up.
Black shoes are great in any combination, just be careful which material you're using. If you have dresses like this in the picture, go with suede. If you have more shiny dress, go with (artificial!) leather shoes. Strappy hells will make you feel more secure and they definitely won't fall off.
Here are two examples of combination with these dresses. First one is more elegant and stylish. More suitable for a wedding or a party. Second, right one, is something you would see in the movies in funeral scenes. This is perfect outfit for that occasion. Everything is black but this pearls really make the outfit pop out, in a good way.
Everything is simple, yet very effective and elegant.

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