04 March 2014

Pink, white,... all lady

There are not better colors for showing your girly side than pink and white. Especially if you combine them and make a great nail design.

With this design, you're showing that you have some pretty good skill in doing regular French manicure, but also that you have imagination and good sense of combining colors and shapes.

You'll need:
  • pink (or apricot or any color like that) and white nail polish with regular brush
  • black nail polish with thin brush
  • any kind of dotting tool
  • Make basic French manicure. You can do this in two ways. First one: make a white French manicure on the whole nail top and then go over one half with pink one. Second option: cover just one half with white nail polish and the other with pink one (I suggest this one so you won't have one additional layer). Try to keep the transition between two colors as straight as you can.
  • Take black nail polish and a thin brush and make a line (preferably not a straight one) to cover the link between two colors. Extend it out of the top manicure.
  • Use dotting tool (or a thin brush that you have) and make little dots anywhere you want to spice things up a bit.
And your nails are ready to be seen.

Enjoy your mixture of colors. :)

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