11 March 2014

Purple says royal!

I've heard many times that purple and blue colors represent royalty, high standards and class. Deep, darker tones might remind you of Queen or some royal balls, deep sea and mystery inside...

With this manicure you can show imagination, class and a good eye for accessories. Sometimes, less is more. Also it shows that you're following trends and are not conventional girl. Not afraid of few looks on your new style.

It is very simple manicure but really effective. (I did this last week and I got some really great comments.)

For this manicure you'll need:
  • purple nail polish (Essence's multi dimension)
  • glue for artificial nails
  • zircons
  • Paint your nails in purple. Every nail, whole nail.
  • Apply nail glue on the bottom of your nail. Don't put too much glue (nothing will happen, it's just not necessary and it's easier to apply zircons).
  • Put one zircon next to another in any formation you want. I made little triangles on only two fingers on one hand. If you're doing triangles, apply glue for each row separately, because the glue might dry faster.
So, enjoy being shoulder to shoulder with Hollywood divas. :)

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