08 April 2016

DIY: Rings

I'm really complicated when it comes to jewelry as I like to have everything in style and I rarely wear gold and silver together. For these two reasons, I'm always in a search for new pieces, but this time I decided to make my own simple rings appropriate for any occasion.
You'll need:
  • plain rings - I bought mine in a hobby shop for $0.5
  • rhinestones with flat-back - I found mine also in a hobby shop for $1, but there are some on the eBay (here)
  • glue - I used my favorite nail glue, but any universal will do
  • before you put on glue, decide how you want your rhinestone to be places (parallel or perpendicular or anything else to the flat part on the ring)
  • put the glue on the ring (not on the rhinestone as you can't know how big the flat part on the ring really is)
  • glue two parts together and let dry
I chose amber because I think it's really beautiful stone and neutral yet statement. Also, I started small, but I'm sure I'll make more jewelry on my own as it is so simple and cheap.
Do you like it? Will you try something like this?

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