14 April 2016

Essence lipstick haul

This is sequel to my previous haul (post about it here) where I already introduced some of these lipsticks, but I also complained how I couldn't find all I wanted. I eventually did find them all (I didn't buy every single one because I didn't like the way they looked on me). Anyhow, here's my old-new haul post.
From left to right: #23 velvet matt, #01 boost me up, #21 trés chic#24 velvet matt#16 I am yours!, #19 black gossip
I tried some basic color a while ago (post here) and I loved it. Since then, I'm planning on buying more Essence lipsticks and I finally did a whole haul. These lipsticks are cheap (around $3) so you wouldn't expect either much coverage or duration. I have to say, they proved me wrong! But (!), people do say, and I've noticed, that all make-up last longer on my face and body than it does on other people so I would suggest buying one lipstick and seeing how it goes.
I tried almost all of these. I'll make sure to try them all before writing further posts so I could give you a proper review.
Do you like any of these? Will you consider purchasing it? Let me know in the comments below :*

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