23 April 2016

Ponytail twist

I'm sure you have all heard and seen girls twisting their ponytails or some parts of their hair to make a bit more interesting hair style. I'm a fan of a ponytail with only upper part of my hair. It's so easy to do, practical as your hair stays away from your face, but also very girly and still shows the length of your hair.
I've always done it in the same way: pull the hair from the sides, collect the hair from the top of my head and secure it with a hairband. It was that simple. Now I wanted to make it more fancy and not so boring, so I tried to twist it.
I am amazed how this simple step made my hair look so much better. It gave me the volume on the sides, my band wasn't pulling my hair so much and I just felt like it's more secure.
The only suggestion is not to pull the hair from the top of your hair because it's easier to do it with only the hair from the side because the hole for the twist is easier to make.
I did put a bobby pin in there, but this was taken at the end of the day and I was lying in my bed before it so it was messed up a bit. Otherwise, bobby pins aren't necessary.
So, will you consider doing this little simple step to make your hairstyle more attractive? Have you been doing it already?


  1. This is a really cute hair twist. I've actually been looking to experiment a little more with my hairstyles lately :)

    1. It looks even better from the upfront when it gives a bit of volume on the sides :)
      Try this, it's so easy and takes about 5 seconds to make it :)

      Thanks for reading :*