09 March 2016

6 hairstyles I don't like!

I believe everybody has that few hairstyles that annoy them for no reason (why would someone's hair annoy you, right?). Before I start, I want to say that I don't have anything against people below. Some have covered eyes just because I chose random pictures from the Internet and I don't want to put anybody in an awkward position (although they have put these on the Internet and it's there for the world to see it, I don't think this is the context they would like their pictures to be used for). People that don't have their eyes covered are famous people and their pictures in these editions are everywhere. Another thing; I don't want to offend anyone who likes these hairstyles - this is only my opinion.
Half hair bun. I seriously think this looks weird and awful. I know this is among most popular trends out there, but I don't see myself wearing this anytime soon. I don't understand it and I don't like how it looks on anybody.
Extra short bangs. Oh my God, this is just ridiculous. I haven't seen one person that could pull this off. There are some cute hairstyles with bangs short like this, but not with straight hair. Messy hair or bangs on the side can actually look good. I mean, even Beyonce looks weird to me with this hair.
Pointy buns. My idea of buns is big (well, depending on your hair) round one. I personally don't like messy, but I like them on other people. But this looks weird in any occasion. It looks like something you do when you're going showering or cleaning your house. I can't imagine why would people want to go out with this on their head.
Half done ponytails. Oh. Why can't you pull it through to the end? Why? This is also a good hairstyle for doing chores around the house as it keeps your hair out of the way but I don't see how this could be elegant or classy or even sporty. It's casual, but should be kept in the house...
Pulling hair to one side. I'm not talking about hair on one side that's meant to be like that. I'm talking about hair that's parted in the middle and then dried like that. Once it's dried, girls tend to put their fingers in the middle and just "comb" it to one side. And then you get this not natural twist in hair (visible the most in picture 3). I think I shouldn't put Jessica here as I think now she had an undercut so the rest of hair looked like this. Sorry J.A.
Two low buns. I can usually approve two upper buns, but these look like a kid played with someone's hair. It also looks like a kid is wearing it. No matter how they style it (with braids, messy, clean), I don't like it.

Hopefully nobody will get offended here.
What do you think of these? Any hairstyle drives you nuts?


  1. Haha! I mostly agree. I don't understand some trends. Before reading what you'd said, I thought the half ponytail is something I do when cleaning, and without time to put it up properly!
    I have a natural, almost side parting and am always wondering if it looks like I'm doing the side thing. It's seen as glamourous in pictures, but surely if they turn to the other side, it looks odd?

    1. Yeah, I do half ponytail for cleaning the house SOMETIMES! I don't know why I have such problem with this haha and even if I wasn't this weird, this is far from glamorous hairstyle, right?

      I don't know. I had a friend who did this side hair all the time and I just couldn't get it. I should have put her picture here to explain it better :') if it's natural and dried along the parting, I think it's OK (I change the position of parting from time to time) but if I dry it in the middle, it's gonna stay there.