21 March 2016

DIY: Motivational picture

I'm sure you all have some old picture frame that's just there, but it's not used. Let's turn that thing into something you'll like and that will represent you.
You'll need:
  • picture frame
  • felt pens (black and as many colors as you want to have)
  • scissors
  • piece of blank white (or colored) paper
  • glue
  • rhinestones
  • cut out piece of paper to fit in your frame (usually they write on the paper inside what dimensions of picture are desirable)
  • write or draw anything you want on the paper; or you can print it out to be sure it will look just perfect - I would suggest first writing it with a pencil and to have more options
  • place the paper inside the frame and enjoy
  • if you want, you can decorate your frame a bit
I hope you like this! :)
If you try it out please do tag me into the photo or send it to me on Twitter (link on the right).

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