14 March 2016

Mani Monday: Purple steel + nail polish review

I recently purchased new nail polish by Catrice cosmetics. It's #62 Must have STEELetto (how cool is the name?). It says on the bottle that you should apply two coats but I had a manicure underneath it so I only did one coat. Manicure under this one is here (I don't usually do that but I was in a hurry and I needed new nails.)
This nail polish provided great coverage with this one coat (and I believe it would have been enough even without a manicure under it). It lasted a week without top coat (just for the record, all my manicures last more than two weeks without a topcoat, but I usually change them every week). The color is just amazing! It's silver-ish with pink, purple undertone. And this undertone is only visible under specific angle of lightning. I would say this is great combination of party nail polish and every-day nail polish (weird combination, right?). I would highly recommend this!
Do you like my manicure? Or nail polish? Will you consider buying it? Comments below :*


  1. This is such a beautiful colour, I love the iridescence of it!

    Chloe x | Snug Corner

    1. Yeah, it really makes your nails interesting with only one polish :D

      thanks for reading :*