12 March 2016

Eveline hair oil

Since I have dry ends, I had to find something for ma hair to shine again. Out of all products out there I chose elixir of gold (argan + keratin exclusive hair oil 8 in 1) by Eveline cosmetics.
This oil won me over with argan oil and liquid keratin as it's main ingredients. Argan oil regenerates hair, gives strength, softness and moisturizes. Keratin is what hair is made of, so it rebuilds hair structure where the hair is damaged. Other than these, there is burdock oil. It works on the scalp as it reinforces roots and reduces itching. It also prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth. There's also vitamin A for damaged hair. It's also helping with dandruff problems.
Well, this is what they wrote. I have a bit different experience. I'm only using it from the middle of my hair length to my hair tips as I'm afraid it will grease my hair even more. So, I can't really say how it works on the scalp. As for the rest of my hair, I can't say it's doing a great job. I've noticed that it's better on curly hair than it is on the straight. When my hair dries to have curls, this oil gives shine and even keeps my curls in place. When I have wavy or straight hair, it usually looks greasy or doesn't have any effect at all. It certainly does not have the effect they show on the packaging. If you get just the right amount of it, than it's perfect. It gives shine and good scent. But if you're wrong with the amount, it will probably look greasy.
I've been using it on wet hair after washing it. I'll start using it on all of my hair before washing it so I'll maybe have some different effect.
Update: I started using it as a mask before washing my hair. I apply quite a large amount on my roots, especially in the places where I have dandruff. It did help dissolve it and I took it off very easy. Also, I saw that my dandruff wasn't coming back in such amount as usual and it wasn't as bad as without using this.
Verdict? This oil will make you buy it as it is in the beautiful gold color. It's also quite big bottle (150 ml) for only $7. Considering you only take small amounts of it, you calculate it's gonna last for a long time. However, it's not as brilliant as you expect it. It does not damage my hair in any way so I'll keep using it in different ways (I'm hoping to get the best out of it.) I also don't see the long term progress. It's supposed to get into my hair and repair it. I personally don't see the difference. But it does some difference with curled hair. It holds the curls better and gives additional shine.
Update: Use it as a mask to make your hair smoother and keep the dandruff under control.
What's your opinion? Have you tried this one or you have some other hair oil? Do you even use it? Any advice and comments, please below in the comment section! :)

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