02 March 2016

Bright cold day

We're still in this warm-cold weather with possible rain. So, we basically have to wear everything just in case. Since cold days are usually reserved for darker colors, I decided to break the brown and black tones with lively, bright colors.
First look is very simple, but very stylish. I started with neon blue jeans. They are my statement piece.
For these eye-catching pants, perfect pair is black blouse.
Since I have jeans as my main piece, I decided to keep the rest of the outfit really simple. That's why I chose black suede ankle boots with medium thick heel and this interesting black poncho/coat.
Not all to be black, there's this bright beige large bag. It's simple enough not to be too much, but not plain and only black.
For the hairstyle, I liked casual wavy hair.
As for the jewelry, I thought simple, but statement black and gold bracelet and earrings in the same tone would be great.
Make-up is also simple as this is meant to be casual daily outfit. Highlight is on the eyes with a bit of smokey-eyes effect and mascara. 
This outfit has more colors as I do not have neon color which immediately becomes one.
I started with simple yellow sweater. I combined it with black jeans so the yellow would stand out even more.
Next is beige coat (in this case trench-coat). That piece will never go out of fashion!
All accessories are in brown tones. Bag is pretty simple hard-casing handbag with black details which match the pants. Scarf had leopard print. I don't think this could be a bad choice (ever!).
Shoes are matching the whole outfit. They are mainly brown, as is the bag, with black medium height heel. They also have a bit of fur details, perfect for colder days.
There is only one statement necklace, just in case you take off the coat and the scarf indoors.
With make-up, highlight is, again, on the eyes.

You can see all the pieces and their prices on Polyvore (even if you aren't a member). Also, you can order most of them.
Do you like these? Any comments or suggestions? Comments below, please :*

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