26 July 2015

Highlighted lips

Lipstick is easy to apply and will turn you from Plain Jane to Femme Fatale in no time. Since days are getting hotter, your face needs only little or no make-up. That's when lipsticks come in. All colors are in. Darker skin looks for darker lipstick. You can use pretty much any shade that's not lighter than your skin tone. That's basically the only rule. And I'm going to give you few tips for beautiful lips.
  • For a fuller lips look, outline the lips with pencil and fill in with the matching lipstick. Put just a bit of light concealer in the middle of the lips and tap it in until it blends with the rest of the color. You should get an ombre effect. For even more full lips, put on a transparent lip-gloss.
  • To make your lipstick stay longer on your lips, before it, put a bit of liquid powder to matte your lips.
  • If you want to highlight or correct your lipstick, put a bit of concealer just outside the lips. This will create sharper lines and boundary between lips and the rest of the skin. Other than that, you will disable lipstick going over the lip boundary.
  • For an additional effect of volume, on the edge of the upper lip put a bit of highlighter.
Of course, don't forget to take care of your lips with balsams, preferably with sun protection in these days.

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