26 December 2016

Empties | 2016

People usually do monthly empties posts, but I don't have nearly enough products to do so, so you'll read my yearly empties.
Note: Short reviews will be written next to each product. If there's a post about it, I'll insert a link to that.
I mentioned these in almost all of my posts with manicures. It's safe to say I love their nail products, so I always go for their top and base coats. Posts which include these products are here (Nails tab) or here (Essence label).
I thought this was a good product for a curly hair; it didn't do much for my hair when it was straight. Also, using it as a mask before washing my hair has reduced my dandruff. Full review is here (Eveline hair oil).
  • coconut oil and milk
I had just a regular coconut oil and milk for my hair. I wanted my hair to be dandruff free and shiny and smooth. Everybody I know recommended coconut oil or coconut milk. I had both and I have to say both worked really good, but for some reason I liked the oil some more. Now that I'm not using it anymore, I feel like my dandruff is getting out of control. As for the rest of the hair, I still have my masks so I'm not feeling that much difference. Reviews of the masks are here (Garnier Fructis Wunder butter)here (Gliss hair mask) and here (Total repair extreme hair mask).
This is, believe it or not, my first concealer. My mom got it and gave it to me. I fell in love at the very first use. It has a great texture. Although it's kinda thicker and heavier, I do not feel it heavy on my face. It's super longlasting with amazing coverage. The only reason why I won't repurchase it is the higher price. But if you're willing to give that kind of money, I definitely recommend this product.
This is also one of my firsts. This is the first exfoliate product I used. I used it on my face and upper body. I now use something else, which you can read about here (Fruttini body srub and lotion). I thought that this product was amazing. It didn't hurt my skin, but I did have to use some moisturizer after it. It left my skin so smooth. The only problem is the price which is a bit high when you have other great options at lower prices.
Whenever I needed some body hairs removed, I always went for Veet. Even though I don't have sensitive skin like that, I always use products for sensitive skin because they're better for the skin and, in the terms of removing hair, Veet does not make a difference. They're a bit pricier, but do a great job.
This is seriously the best nail glue. To be honest, I only tried one other than this, but this is so great I never need to reach for anything else. It dries really fast, it holds like a concrete. There's nothing else I need. Also, I use this to glue stuff all around my house. You'll find it in some of my manicures here (Nails tab) and in my haul post here (My Essence haul!!) and in every one of my DIY posts here (DIY tab).
This is my ultimate favorite lip balm. I'm using this for the last few years. I don't even change the flavors. I just bought a new one (which is not this one but it's also by Labello). See reviews on my lip balms here (Chapsticks/Lip balms).
I don't think Nivea got enough credit for this product. It's super affordable make-up remover which does a great job. It struggles a bit with hard-core waterproof make-up, but for some lighter make-up, it really is a good investment. Also, Nivea has a make-up remover for waterproof make-up, so check it out. It's not harsh on the skin, it does not dry it or add oils which is great for all skin types.

Have you tried any of these? Will you? :)

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