02 January 2015

Removing nail polish

I've been asked a lot how do I remove my nail polish since I love to use dark colors and lots of glitter. The answer is pretty simple and I already told you that in a Fashion and beauty tips post but I'll provide some pictures for you to be sure.

I'll just quote myself: "When you're struggling with removing glitter nail polish, make 10 balls out of cotton, soak them with nail polish remover and put one on each finger. Hold that on for about a minute or two and remove. It should remove all of nail polish without any damage."

After that, you'll probably have to clean a bit around the edges. Those should be really small areas.

When removing nail polish I use this Rosal green remover (there are also pink and purple one). Choose which one suits you best.

(This is an old picture, that's why it has the old logo, but never mind that.)

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