03 February 2015

My fashion icons

Instead of posting my own creations today, I'll put up some of my fashion idols. Well, idol is a strong word, but I really like these styles. Since this is a fashion blog, I think this is kinda necessary.
Before writing anything, I know there are lots of fashion icons world wide known, and maybe with better styles and posture but this is my short list. Also, order is not important.
Note: Click on the picture for larger photo.

I'll start with Rihanna. Other than the fact that I love her music, I also love her style. Maybe it's because she has the right attitude, or maybe it's something else, but I have the feeling she's rocking everything she's wearing. I didn't like only few of her outfits (remember that transparent diamond dress, or whatever that's supposed to be?) but in general I like the way she dresses.
She can pull of elegant style, which I personally prefer the most on her, but she can also look great in casual combination, rock/fancy combo... She can even wear denim with denim!
Of course, accessories, hair style and attitude are of great importance here, but all in all she can hold her head up high because she is (my) fashion icon!

How could this be a post about fashion icons if I didn't include Blake?
She is beautiful. That's that. But she also has a great sense of style. She usually wears only few pieces of clothes and jewelry but she combines them so well. Some people can't so that with all the money in the world and 10000 pieces of accessories.
She likes emphasizing her long legs and she does it great! I personally go for black and white combinations as a safe way out. Or I look for combinations that are already "approved". But she goes out of the box, mixing colors and patterns. And I love how she can go to the beach, restaurant or gala reception in the same outfit.
I love the fact that she seems fearless when it comes to fashion, but if you look closely, everything is perfectly matched and thought about. She knows how to wear it.

My next pick is Louise Roe. Maybe you know her from hosting a TV show on Fox called Plain Jane. Ring a bell? Never mind.
She is, in my opinion, really tall, for a girl, and she has 0 complexes about it. That is so great! She's not afraid to wear heels, jumpsuits, short pants... She also likes to mix colors, even when you think it's not possible, she'll prove you wrong! Bright colors, dark ones, neon... She has it all. Red jacket on red dress with red purse? Why not?
Also, her strong side is her hair which makes every outfit even better, not that she needs it to be better... What I like about her style is that she wears black with black and brown with brown. That's also the way I like to combine it. You'll notice brown belt and brown bracelets, brown belt again and brown jacket...

Last, but not least is Taylor Spreitler. Known for her role of Lennox Scanlon in TV show Melissa and Joey, she might be my favorite of the day.
Other than pretty face and great body, Taylor also knows how to make everything on her look great. Finishing touch is, of course, the hair again.
I probably like her style the most because she's more to my age and she does not dress so fancy as the three ladies above, but she always has that something. If she walked into a room, she would be noticed, that's for sure!
Maybe I like her so much because I like Lennox and Lennox's outfits but I've seen Taylor in similar combinations so I can say that she is also my fashion idol. 

Yes, maybe it the fact that they all have great bodies, lots of money, professional hairdressers and stylists, but that's all behind the scenes. What we see is a great product of their work.

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