15 June 2016

Greasy hair eyeshadow hack

I'm sure we all have some eyeshadow that's just there and we don't use it. If not, go on and buy some cheap one matching your hair. Why? Because it's the best thing to have when you have greasy hair or if you have small amount of hair. It can also help you with hairstyles when your hair is up.
She eyeshadow (no shade on my packaging)
First things first. I had this weird emo/all-black phase when I was still in elementary school, so I bought this dark, black eyeshadow (yes, I was "emo" and I loved glitter haha). I found it a couple years later and, of course, I'm not using that on my eyes. It was then that I got the idea not to throw away almost full container, but to put it to a better use.
I don't use it often, but it comes in very handy when I have greasy hair because when I do, my hair looks not as thick as usual and then the greasiness is visible even more. To cover this all up, I apply an eyeshadow to my scalp where my hair is parting. This immediately makes my hair look cleaner and thicker. Another bonus thing you can do is to apply dry shampoo before doing this. That way you get the full effect.
Also, I've seen people using it when they put their hair up to create an illusion of baby hair to frame their face. And it works! When you pull your hair up, the most likely place to be left out of hair is the upper side part (next to the forehead). You just apply a bit of eyeshadow there and it will create an illusion of hair.
This maybe looks like it's not a perfect match (cause it's not). But I promise you it is not as visible in person as it is here. Also, glitter eyeshadows are not the best option, but they work just fine.

That's all. Will you try this hack?

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