08 June 2016

Spring make-up haul

As I'm weak for all the pretty and colorful stuff, me going into my local drugstore was a big mistake. Or the best thing ever? I got so many stuff I actually divided this post into two according to products I bought. Here's what I got.
Note: I'm not the professional make-up artist (I won't even say I'm that good at all of this), so I'm not going to spend a million dollars on make-up. Essence is my go-to brand as I find them a great balance between price and quality.
Nail polishes. As you were able to see, I'm a huge nail art lover so buying these two bright and spring colors was a done deal. Peach one is #24 indian summer and the turquoise one is #40 play with my mint. They are both by Essence and each was about $2. The sparkle one is by S-he. I needed a good glitter polish and I hope I found one. It's #110 and it was about $3.
Hair bands. I'm sure you've all seen this rubbery elastic twisted hair bands that are supposed to be better for your hair as they do not pull your hair as much as a regular hair band would. I bought these dark brown ones as they go great with my hair. I'm a bit skeptic as I love high ponytails and I don't think they'll provide enough support, but we'll see. I got five of them for $2.50.
White eyeliner. My friend sparked the interest with talking about this and bigger and brighter eyes so, when I saw this, I had to have it. It's waterproof gel eye pencil by Essence. I have to admit I'm pretty curious how this is going to turn out. I got it for $3.
Blush. It's mosaic blush by Essence. I immediately fell in love with this one as it has three colors which I find is more natural then just one pink one. We'll see. I also loved the look of it because it's not flat, but has like little pyramids. I payed $4 for it.
Highlighter. I never used this, but I love the idea. I also tried one by Essence, but it was creamy and I didn't know how it would apply with a brush (although I did try it on my hands and it looked amazing). I chose this High glow by Catrice. I loved how the packaging looks and how shimmery it was on my hands. I got this one for $6.
Concealer. This one in a stick form is Mastertouch all day concealer by Max Factor. I got one for Christmas and I just loved it. I got this one because I ran out of my old one and it's definitely worth repurchasing. It costs $8.50.
Concealer palette. It's All I need palette by Essence consisting 5 most important colors for color correcting. They are all creamy so I'm curious how it's going to apply but I loved the idea of all the colors in one place. Also, the packaging is cute and practical. It costs $4.50.

Do you like anything you see? Have you tried any of these?

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