31 October 2016

Review: Fruttini body scrub and lotion

I saw these in my local store and there was some offer if you buy two you get one for free. So I chose mango as this was the only fruit that had a pair at the moment. I got strawberry as a present.
These are body lotion and body scrub by Fruttini.
I've been using these for the past few months. (Yes, you read that right!) For now, I've only been using mango combination so I can only hope strawberry will be as good.
I use both the scrub and the lotion only when I'm washing my hair, so about every four to five days. I use body scrub in the shower after I wash my skin with a shower gel. I mainly use it on my chest area, shoulders and upper back area as I get some scars and pimples there and all clothes I wear reveal one of these body parts. I sometimes drag it down my arms and pay attention to the hard skin on my elbows. I also used it all over my body when I got home from my summer vacation as I burnt and my skin was all over the place and exfoliating itself so it looked very ugly with shorts and skirts. I use body lotion on the places where I've used the body scrub. I usually use body lotions on my upper back and shoulders the most.
Verdict? The first thing you notice is quite a big tube and what's inside has the most amazing smell ever! I just love these fruit scents. Body scrub has helped me a lot with my acne scars and just clearing my skin. I had many breakouts on my chest and, since I've been using this, I haven't had any. I just love it. Also, it took care of my dead burnt skin with only two applications. Body lotion is moisturizing and quite thick. It makes my legs so smooth and shiny. It's all in all a great combination.
I noticed they have more fruit products and some other products as hand creams so I'll definitely check it all out cause this is amazing.

Visit this for all products (translate in English):

Have you ever heard of this brand? Have you tried anything?

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