17 October 2016

Tag: The fall favorites

I don't know if you're familiar with the fact that I dislike fall, but I've been tagged to do this and I just love tags so I can't say no to dear Millie from Modish Rambling (her tag post is here).
Reasons why I don't really like fall is rain when I have to leave my apartment for something obligatory (I don't mind meeting my friends or going shopping, I mind going to college or work...) and because it's usually so cold in the morning and evening, but actually warm in the mid-day. But I do think fall is most fashionable and most interesting when concentrating on fashion.
Note: I did some categories Millie did, but I added some of my own. I wanted to have 10.
I do not own any of the photos. Collage is made and decorated by me.

  • favorite candle
I'm not really into candles that much, so I usually buy the same one all year round. It's is strawberry scented from IKEA (these ones or this one). I buy all of my candles there because they just have perfect scents and variety of them as well. I also love orange, lemon, apple... I'll try something stronger for the fall (maybe).
  • favorite lip color
In the terms of make-up, I don't follow seasons. I wear dark lipsticks in summer and winter. The same goes for any make-up product. But, since everybody is loving darker lipsticks now, I'll go with Laetitia's pure red by L'Oreal Paris (as far as I can see it's not available any more, but here's the collection). This is dark red one, but I do love #21 Trés chic and #24 velvet matt too, both by Essence. I'm also starting to love brown lipsticks.
  • favorite drink
As every year when it gets cold, I always go for hot chocolate. The one I love the most is from McCafé (McDonald's). At home, I'll always go for a nice big cup of hot cocoa. I don't drink tea or coffee.
  • favorite piece of clothing/footwear
I have to say (fake) leather jacket when it's warmer. Whey days get colder, it is replaced by my two winter coats. I could also mention boots. I love my new ankle boots and my over-the-knee boots.
  • favorite TV show
I don't know is there really a fall TV show, so I'll say which I'm currently watching. I'm obsessed with Chicago Fire. I just love shows like that (remember Rescue Me or Third Watch?). I'll also start watching Chicago PD and Chicago Med so I'll be fully invested in this. #OneChicago all the way.
  • favorite eye make-up
As for the lips, I don't really go with seasons, but am I currently loving the brown eye pencil #02 hot chocolate by Essence and I think that's appropriate color for fall. Also, I've been using green one  #04 nighttime in the jungle more and more by the day (both in post here).
  • favorite Halloween costume
I don't do Halloween (it's not that popular here as we honor the dead and we don't consider it a party; we have one other date when we do this). When I was a kid, I was always some kind of princess, but I'd love to be a cop, firefighter, cowboy, Batman... Anything "male" for that matter. I was a soldier few years back.
  • favorite nail polish
As for all of the above, I don't have just fall colors, but I just found a new color by Essence and it's #73 more than a feeling. As much as I love nail art, I'm kinda going for simple nail looks this fall (this is more because I'm busy than anything else, but still worth mentioning).
  • favorite accessories
I just bought my first fedora hat, so I think I'll love that. It's black to match my fall/winter bags and footwear. When it comes to jewelry, during fall and winter I like to wear small pendants and simple earrings and rings and not big statement pieces. I also like scarves.
  • favorite moments
Although I already said I'm not a fan of fall, I do love walking in fall fashion when there's still sun shining and when it's relatively warm. I also love seeing (or seeing a picture) of beautiful colorful nature.

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I hope you liked this. Even if you're not tagged, you're very welcome to do this :) Send me links if you do.


  1. Fall is probably my favorite season so I love tags like this! I've been really embracing autumn this year with my candles, clothes, makeup and scents. I just started getting into brownish lipsticks too!

    1. Will you do it then? consider yourself tagged :D
      I read your blog regularly and I haven't seen it yet (am I wrong?)

  2. Love reading these posts because we get to know the person more. I am happy that you tag me. When weather change I change so every season tag will be great opportunity to share my inspirational thoughts (wink emoji) Thanks beautiful ♡ x!

    1. I know, right? I love reading it and finding out if I have something in common with the person :)
      I love tags, even if I don't like the topic, I enjoy answering questions like this :D
      yes, seasonal tags would be great ;)

  3. I really want to start watching some of those Chicago shows, especially Chicago PD!

    1. Hey :)
      Firefighters are always my favorite in these kind of shows so I chose them first. As I'm waiting for season 5, I started PD recently and I have to admit they don't have as much story about the characters as Fire has. They're all about the cases and just a bit about the characters, but I still like it :D