31 August 2017

Floral accent in chilly summer

I don't how it is at your place, but we're still in summer mode. I chose some outfits which were made around one floral piece. These are perfect for chilly summer nights (as well as these were I already published in a previous post Floral summer evening). For another summer outfits post read my Beach outfits | summer 2017 post.
Note: All outfits can be found on the links below the pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand and the price.
I personally love it when you can mix one piece with different items to get a new look. If you choose white jeans you'll definitely go as a delicate lady with a great eye for details. White jeans are definitely for the brave ones. More simple and safer option are blue jeans block heel. Necklace with spikes also makes this more edgy.
Here I chose quite ordinary summer dress, but this blue bag goes great with white heels and all pieces make contrast, but also go great together. Since royal blue and white are dominant here, I chose black nail polish to make this outfit more causal.
Again, here's the royal blue color. I chose these interesting pants and a simple black top not to overdo it with the clothes. I pay more attention on details and matching them with the theme. This could be a good summer-in-office look with simple pumps. Maybe suede shoes aren't the best choice with leather bag and leather watch, but I had to make it work.
Obviously, I changed the color into bright strong pink. All started with these pants which have a beautiful contrast between blue and pink shades. To enhance them, I chose simple white blouse and white heels. All details are kinda separated from the pants so they can all be in the same pink shade.
Another color I really like is purple. I wen't for mixed boho and elegant look here. I chose these very light, but interesting pants and topped it off with a white crop top. Over it, there's this kimono with similar flower design, but with stronger colors. Since purple is already enough contrast to the outfit, jewelry is wooden dark brown which tones everything down.

Do you see anything you like? Which other theme you would like to see here?

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