10 August 2017

Pack with me

As I mentioned in a previous post about summer vacation skincare and beauty essentials, I'm going on a three week vacation. Now, I'm traveling by bus on some relations so I need to pack bus friendly - meaning one suitcase and maybe one backpack. 
I also made a free packing list for all seasons. I really hope you won't forget anything while packing. And now I'll show you just few tricks how to pack more efficiently with less things and more space.
  • use the separate compartments
I like to put all my socks and underwear and small stuff like that in a separate compartment. This way I always have my essentials in one place and I don't have to search the entire suitcase to find small pieces.
  • plan outfits
This one is a bit hard if you're going away for 3 weeks like I am, but for shorter trips this works great. I was able to pack my entire outfits, make-up and shoes in one school backpack for a 4 day trip just because I planned everything. I also like to take just one or two pair of shoes that will go with all outfits as shoes usually take up most of the space.
  • plan make-up and jewelry
As you plan your outfits, try to imagine what make-up looks you would do with those and what jewelry you would pick. It's actually way easier than it seems. You'll save more space and time later.
  • put jewelry and make-up in shoes/bags
Since I'm taking some creams and shampoos too, I placed all my make-up and beauty stuff in one separate beauty bag, but my jewelry is in my shoes. I put all pieces in separate bags and I put them in my shoes. Sturdy shoes like this will take up space anyway so why not use the space inside them? Same goes for the extra bags you're carrying. If they're sturdy, use the space inside them.
  • fold your clothes to fit the suitcase
I usually don't fold my clothes like this. I always fold long pants 2 times (so I get 1/4 of their length) and I fold my shorts once. But for packing I placed all my clothes so it would fit the suitcase so I can really use all the space I have.
Have in mind this is not a big suitcase. You can see that one pair of my shoes is almost as big as half of this suitcase and I have really small feet.
P.S. I always take this exact suitcase - 3 days, a week, 3 weeks. I always manage to put everything inside it. Unless, I'm only taking my backpack which kinda makes me a pro at packing, right?

That's all folks. Tell how do you pack? Do you have any other suggestion or trick?
Have a great vacation!


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