09 December 2017

Blogmas 2017: 10 things I love & hate about winter & Christmas time!

OK, Blogmas is actually pulling out some lifestyle posts here. I like it. I already announced that I freaking love Christmas. However, I've been saying since forever that I hate fall and winter. Since I started blogging, my views on these things has changed a bit. Seeing how people make the most out of winter and fall on blogs and Instagram accounts made me try to enjoy at least some bits of these seasons.
Not to lie, I live for Christmas. This Blogmas should prove it. But my family and I actually don't decorate the house until Christmas Eve so we don't have few months of Christmas like some people. And I love it like that. For me Christmas time starts with the start of December, but it shows in Christmas songs and the fact that the whole city is decorated.
Not to bore you with these details, I'm here to write 10 things I love and hate/dislike about this time of the year. So, let's start.

5 things I like/love:
  • Christmas - mostly decorations, grandma's lunch, going to mass on Christmas Eve with grandma, presents (well, duh)
  • snow - not in my city cause it's all muddy slush, but snow in general
  • scarves and boots - I love to cozy up and feel like I'm in a blanket and my boots are so easy to style
  • songs - the only music I have on my phone is Christmas playlist
  • ice skating - I've been loving this since I can remember and I need to go every year at least a 100 times
5 things I dislike/hate:
  • slush - as I mentioned above, my city isn't that beautiful under snow
  • cold weather - I'm not a fan of summer either, but dressing up for -100° while commuting and +100° while I'm somewhere inside is no fun
  • short daylight time - it's seriously dark until 11 a.m. and again after 4 p.m. and I hate it
  • public transport in chaos - maybe this is only here, but as soon as it starts snowing, people forget how to drive and traffic becomes one big mess
  • winter is freaking long - we messed up Mother Nature, I know, but it feels like 6 months a year is winter and then all other seasons are just pilled up together

There. My list of things I like and dislike. What is yours? What would you add here?


  1. Ice skating, wow! Not to sound super cliche but that sounds like such a magical thing to do in Winter! I've only ever been ice skating once in my life.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Really? Isn't there any rinks you can go to? I love it cause we have the ice rink in the open, stars above you, great music every single time and just hanging out with friends :)
      thanks for coming :)

  2. I think winter is my least favorite season, although they all have something beautiful. I definitely love Christmas and a little bit of snow sure is beautiful, but where I live, there usually is no such thing as a little snow. Yesterday, it took me more than 2 hours to get home from work. Usually, I drive like 35 minutes. So this weekend, I'm just not leaving the house. I can drive in the snow, but when the streets get blocked, there is nothing I can do. I can't stand the cold cause I always sucked at dressing properly and yeah, the darkness can be depressing. So I just think of Christmas lights, tons of chocolate and time with friends and family. :)

    xx Hailey - //

    1. definitely haha
      here we don't have such problems with traffic, but it's all mud and slush and pretty disgusting. my grandparents however can't even get to the road if it snows. So I have it both ways haha
      btw, I also suck at getting dressed for the winter haha >.<

      thank you!