30 December 2017

Empties | 2017

I said before I don't use many products and it's actually hard for me to use something to the end in short period of time. That's why I decided to write yearly empties. You can read my last's year post here Empties | 2016.
Unlike last year, I have photos to show you all products. Of course, I'll write really short reviews of everything if you're interested and I'll also link the post if I've already written a review. I divided all products into categories so it would be easier for you to navigate and find what you're most interested in. Prepare yourself for a long post.

Hair products:
Yves Rocher shampoos. I won't write much cause I'm still testing one more of these and I'll write a full review on them all. However I can say I'm definitely not disappointed.
Gliss hair repair mask by Schwarzkopf. This one is for long hair prone to split ends. With using this, I also changed my hair routine a bit so I did notice less split ends. It detangles hair and makes it shiny and smooth. It also smells great.
Le Petit Marseiliais hair mask. As you can see I used two cause it was get-1-get-1-free offer. It is for damaged and weak hair with all necessary oils. It smells OK, but not better than the Gliss one. However, this one smells (and is) more natural. It also detangles hair and leaves it really smooth.
Merz spezial pills. I took these for hair strength and to prevent hair loss. These pills are just vitamins, but specified for hair needs. I took 120 of them in total and I haven't seen any changes in my hair. However, I felt nausea after eating anything while taking them so I would not recommend them.

Dental products:
Beauprox toothpaste. This toothpaste is without fluoride so it should be healthier and better for your teeth. Honestly I did not notice any change while using this. It's also for sensitive teeth and I did not like it cause my teeth still hurt.
Biobaza sensitive toothpaste. It has the word 'sensitive' in the title, but I have sensitive gums and I did not like it. My teeth hurt all the time. On top of it being useless, it tastes really weird.

Skincare products - body:
Body&soul shower gel peeling. I love the smell of this. However, the texture is more like a gel and I felt weird using it. It's certainly not a bad product, but I didn't like how it felt under my fingers (if you get me). It has micro-beads in there and I think it did a good job in exfoliating some parts of my body. It's also really affordable. It's featured my my post Winter skin care routine.
Fruttini body scrub and body lotion. I already talked about these products. You can read about them in my post Review: Fruttini body scrub and lotion. They're also featured in my My shower routine and Winter skin care routine posts. It's honestly the best combination for my skin care routine. And the smell is just amazing.

Skincare products - face:
Nivea mattifying day care cream and moisturizing anti-wrinkle day care cream. The first one was used by me and the second one by my mother. Mine was great. It left my skin smooth, matte and moisturized. I sometimes used it as a base before applying my make-up. I will definitely repurchase this one. You can read my full review in the post Nivea Day care mattifying. My mom was also satisfied with hers. However she can't be the real judge as she already has wrinkles, but she liked the texture and the moisturizing part.
Nivea Stay clear toner. I already introduced you to this product in Nivea blue collection for face cleansing. I really liked it for cleaning my face after removing make-up in the evening or for prepping my skin in the morning. I would just remove the residue products and it would leave my skin smooth, not too dry and matte.
Nivea anti-blemish 3-in-1 cleanser. I already said I love Nivea's products so many times. This one is no exception. You can read more about my thoughts on it in Review: Nivea blue collection for face. After finishing my current cleanser, I think I'll go back to this one.
Garnier Biphase micellar cleanser. There's no need for me to talk much about this one. Everybody knows it and majority think it's an awesome make-up remover. I do to. I didn't like the slightly greasy leftovers, but I remove those with a toner anyway. It's strong, but really gentle. I also wrote some thoughts about it in Make-up removers (Garnier vs Nivea vs Essence).
Yves Rocher Purifying cleansing gel. This is the most natural cleanser I ever saw. It's very gentle, it didn't cause any trouble on my face and, using it with my SkinPro device, it did a great job in exfoliating and cleansing my face.
Kiehl's tester products. I keep them in this plastic bag cause oils are leaking a bit. I wrote a full review on all of these which you can read in the post Kiehl's tester products. To sum up my post, I adore these products. However, they are quite expensive so I don't think I'll repurchase them anytime soon. These are also featured in the Winter skin care routine post.
La Roche-Posay Effeclar duo cream and cleansing gel. Similar to Kiehl's products, I only have testers and they lasted me a really long time. I absolutely loved the feeling on my skin. I would highly recommend these, but they are pricey.

Make-up products:
Essence compact powder. I used this one as a setting powder although it has a pigment in it. It worked well, kept my make-up in place for a longer time and I wasn't as greasy as I would be.
Essence all about matt! fixing compact powder. I know people all over the world are in love with this one, but I wasn't the biggest fan. I learned to love it more after knowing how to properly use a setting powder. It keeps me matte for quite a long time, it's nice to apply, doesn't change the color of my foundation and does not leave a white cast. And it's super affordable. It's basically a win.

Products that disappointed me and the ones I'm giving away:
Eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipliners and blushes. These are all these squared products and small pencils on the left. I got them all in a beauty box, but I never reach for them. I don't use blushes so that has to go. I already have all lipliners to match my lipsticks and I don't use real pencil eyeliners. As for the eyeshadows, I kept some other colors, but I never used these or I have them in some other palettes.
Alverade make-up remover. I got it for my birthday from a girl with extremely sensitive skin and she loves it. I found it too harsh for my eye make-up. Considering her skin and mine, I don't know how to feel about this product.
Clean & clear exfoliating daily wash. There was a time when Clean & clear was my favorite brand. However, using this I didn't benefit at all. It didn't do any particular damage to my face, but I know I have better products so I stopped using it.
Essence fixing spray. I can't say I used it more than 3 times and it just ruined my make-up. It somehow mixed with my setting powder and left white dots all over my face. I hear the new version is so much better, but this one is a no for me.
Catrice Prime and fine primer. Not a bad cream, but I didn't see any special benefits using it. After few usages, I just got tired of it and haven't used it since.
Maybelline Affinitone foundation. I showed you this foundation in the post New in: make-up | follow-up post and now you get it why it's not for me. If I can't rely on the color and I don't know what I'll look like in few hours, I won't use it. I'm not really experienced with make-up so I need products I know how they work.
Essence Superfine eyeliners. I just got myself some better ones so I'm not reaching for these ones anymore. It's better that I give them away than for them to rot in my drawers. Some thoughts on this are also in the post New in: make-up | follow-up post.
Eyeshadow eyeliners. I got all these in magazines or somehow like that and I honestly use them so rarely that I decided to give them away. They're eyeshadows, but in a pencil kind form so you can use them both as eyeshadows and smokey eyeliners which was my thing.
Aura Shine killer setting powder. Everything is good, but the smell is so awful I can't stand it. It goes away after few minutes, but it's honestly not worth it. It's not a bad setting powder, but I have others so this one goes away. It also leaves the white cast with flash pictures.
Essence foundation brush. I already talked about this in New in: make-up | follow-up post. I like it cause it's cute, but I'm not used to it and it felt kinda weird. I also have other brushes so this one will get a new home.

Finally that's all. Have you decluttered this year?


  1. Nice post! :) I also really like products from Nivea :) And I am also a huge fan of Essence all about matt! I have to buy another one :D :) Happy New Year, Honey! <3

    1. After everything I try I always get back to Nivea :)
      thank you!! you too have a great year! :*

  2. I had a massive de-clutter before Christmas. I couldn't count how many times I came across an empty foundation bottle or perfume. This annual empties post is such a good idea though! Happy New Year x

    1. thank you! glad you like it :)
      happy New Year to you too!
      I know, you just put it away and say you'll deal with it later and then who knows what happens and you have empty bottles all around and stuff you don't even use...

  3. I always hear a lot about Essence products, I need to try those out some day! x

    1. start with lip liners and transparent powder. then lipsticks and single eyeshadows. then everything haha

      thanks for coming :*