11 December 2017

Blogmas 2017: DIY Christmas ornaments

As I said multiple times, I consider myself a creative person. I also live for Christmas. This can only mean one thing - DIYs! I know DIYs can be more expensive than the done thing and they're messy and after all hours put in them, they can still turn out bad or not as you imagined them.
I'm not saying my DIYs are cheaper, but I enjoyed doing them. Also, I will most likely keep them all for next years so it's not a huge waste of money.
I'll start with this mess and what you'll need. I made two wreath advents, "Christmas in a jar", festive flower arrangements and I touched up our old Christmas wreath for our door. For all of these, you'll need:
  • a plate
  • candles (I needed 8)
  • thin rope
  • fake flowers
  • spray paint
  • glue (lots of it)
  • bows, Christmas balls and other Christmas ornaments
  • vases
  • ribbon for wrapping presents
  • a jar
  • styrofoam
  • candle holders
  • fake pine cones and fake pine branches
Starting with festive flower arrangements, I took two vases I already had at home and these white flowers I also already had. Since my theme is white, green, bronze and copper, I painted one of the vases, which was pink, into bronze with spray paint. Then I put some styrofoam inside to stick my flowers in there so they would be in place. To make my ordinary flower arrangements more festive, I chose these two fake flower branches and gave them a small bronze spray to have them going with the theme.
This one is from last year. I bought one jar with bigger opening. I took the lid and turned it upside-down so I could glue down all my ornaments in there. I put this Santa Clause, bear on sleds and Christmas tree I found in the local store. Then I glued down all pieces of styrofoam which took me ages to do, but it was worth it. You can also put cotton wool or something similar to be the snow. Then I just added these Christmas ball and jingle bell which used to hang from the top, but they broke off in transport and storage. Now they're just there and I still love it.
This one is the most simple thing you'll ever do. I bought this fancy plate which went great with my theme. I also got these 4 bronze candles and I wrapped a thin rope around them all. I had some fake pine branches laying around which I just tucked between the candles. I am planning on adding some more branches or bigger candles so it would be fuller, but I like it like this as well.
My first wreath advent. I bought this white round base, candle holders and everything mentioned above. I played around placing different things in different places until I got what I wanted. I also sprayed all candle holders in bronze. Then I glued everything down. To secure some of the ornaments and to give it more texture, I wrapped a ribbon around it and tied it in a bow to fill in a small gap due to flower being asymmetric. It wasn't Christmasy enough so I took some Christmas balls and added them into the whole arrangement. I knew I was going to put mostly bronze items there so I bought plain white candles and sprayed them just a bit with bronze spray.
Lastly, I took out old door wreath and gave it a new life. I added these red mistletoe berries all around it and I added these few white Christmas balls. As you can see, the rest of the house doesn't have my bronze-white theme. We also got these two fluffy birds (my mom loves birds as ornaments) so I added them too. Can you imagine it without all these? We were thinking of buying a new one, but with these new accessories, I think we don't need a new one.
And here's just a bit of my room decor featuring my new flower arrangements. I also have this tree in which I put a candle and these 4 super cute candle holders with white candles (that I'm not going to light). Of course, there are Christmas lights and other decor.

Which one is your favorite DIY? Will you be doing anything for this Christmas?

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