18 December 2017

Blogmas 2017: 50 thoughts I have during December

I have the same thoughts every December. Whenever I feel Christmas is approaching, it's like the time stops, the year freezes and everything revolves around Christmas. OK, I may be crazy, but I honestly live for Christmas time. I love it. However, there are always the same stuff going on. Now that I've seen this for few years in a row, I'm ready to write them down.
Also, this is my first "X thoughts about something" and I think I'll love this.

These could vary, of course, depending on your preferences, social status, your religion (well cause it's Christmas), on traditions... And not all will be relatable. You know. You'll see.
  1. Holy sh*t it's December already. Where did the time go?
  2. It was summer like a week ago.
  3. All of my exams will start now.
  4. Why is it not snowing yet?
  5. I need to decorate my room.
  6. Yes! The town is getting decorated.
  7. I need to buy everything glitter.
  8. What DIY decor will I do this year?
  9. I should really write down all things I need to do and buy.
  10. Finally, I can do all my Christmas manicures!
  11. I should really buy speakers to play my Christmas playlist.
  12. I need to buy presents before Christmas Eve.
  13. What do I get for people?
  14. I can't buy anything for myself; I need to focus on others.
  15. Do I have the money for all these?
  16. I probably won't have money for this.
  17. I should get a job.
  18. I have to get this - this is so my mom/grandma/friend/random-person-on-the-street!
  19. When will I bake all the cookies?
  20. I need a separate closet just for storing presents.
  21. Everybody will start Blogmas now.
  22. I can't watch all these vlogs now.
  23. All the "Where are you going to be for New Year's?" questions are coming.
  24. I'll probably be home alone for New Year.
  25. I need to rewatch Home Alone 1 and 2 for the who knows which time.
  26. I should watch some Christmas movies other than Home Alone.
  27. I already know I won't have the time for everything I want to do.
  28. It's acceptable to wear everything related to Christmas.
  29. Yes, I literally spent all the money I have in this first half of December.
  30. I can't wait to wrap all these presents!
  31. I need to play Santa yet again this year - and I'll love it!
  32. Why is there so many people here every evening?
  33. Posting three times a week is a lot harder than posting two times!
  34. I need to plan my Christmas and New Year outfit and makeup.
  35. Oh the "New Year new me" sh*t will start soon.
  36. I need to make New Year resolutions to be a new person and never ever look back at it.
  37. I can't start working out now - I'll do it next year, it's soon enough.
  38. Why isn't everybody wearing Santa's hats and singing Jingle bells?
  39. I want to rent a cabin on the top of the mountain and be surrounded by snow so bad.
  40. I want to go skiing although I don't ski.
  41. I want to travel somewhere to winter wonderland.
  42. I want to see New York in this time of the year.
  43. How do Australians celebrate Christmas in that heat?
  44. All of this magic will be over in a week or two.
  45. There's a lot of charities emerging this time of the year.
  46. Did I forget to buy something?
  47. I just want that movie winter and Christmas - in stead I have to go to college/work during this awful weather.
  48. It's Christmas and I have homework and assignments to write till the 6th of January.
  49. It's the most wonderful time of the year - also the most stressful.
  50. I'm so lucky I have all this and I can experience this magic.
Please complete the list. I would be so happy if we got to a 100 :)


  1. I always wonder how Aussies deal with a hot Christmas! Do they still have snow-themed decorations? So many questions. Haha I've definitely thought at least 3/4 of these.

    1. it's just crazy hahah
      I don't know. I think they do. but I know some celebrate like 'fake Christmas' during their winter..