20 December 2017

Blogmas 2017: Christmas/New Year make-up look

Since recently I started wearing more make-up for special occasions. I usually go for neutral make-up possibly with bold darker lips. Although I did experiment a bit with colors on my eyes (which you can see in this post about Makeup Revolution Acid brights palette and which you'll see in one post next year), it's easier for me to do neutral eye make-up and then finish the look with basically any lipstick I want.
Today I created a make-up look that is perfect for a Christmas lunch with family, then you can build it up for night out or New Year's Eve.
I'll start with the basics:
Now onto the eyes:
Lastly, lips:

With every new picture, I just added few more details.
First one is just simple one with just brown eyeshadows and brown eyeliner on the top which is smudged and bronze eyeliner on the bottom to make this look a bit more festive. First look is perfect for day time.
For the second one I added black eyeliner and a bit of dark cranberry eyeshadow over that bronze one I had in the first look. Of course, my eyeliner isn't symmetrical. It never is.
Last one has only gold eyeliner outlining the black one. I also added white eyeliner in my lower waterline. I also extended black eyeliner in the inner corned. I made the inner corner highlight stronger by adding white eyeliner there.
To all this I put on the bronzer and a bit of contour and, of course, red lipstick. It's not a holiday look without red lipstick.
Note: You can see the full look on my Twitter page :)

Do you like this one? It's pretty simple, but very effective.


  1. Love the gold outline on the liner! Subtle but very pretty x

    1. I had to add a bit of sparkle there :D
      thank you!